Heart Murmur In Puppies Uk

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Heart Murmur In Puppies Uk. Our pup went back for her second vaccinations and the murmur was still there. Should i worry about my puppy’s heart murmur?

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This causes blood to flow backwards in the wrong direction. In puppies less than six months of age, in addition to murmurs produced by congenital defects, puppies can have innocent or benign murmurs, often called a puppy murmur. These murmurs are often seen in puppies, and can occur in cats of any age.

A murmur is an abnormal sound that is heard when listening to the heart with a stethoscope.

Do puppies grow out of heart murmurs? An innocent heart murmur may first appear when they’re around six to eight weeks old. I'd get your friend vet to grade the murmur and scan if needed to checl the structures of the heart. My friend was paying £100 a month for her dog’s heart murmur treatment, and her boy was on medication for a grade 4 murmur.