Heart Murmur In Puppies Grade 3

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Heart Murmur In Puppies Grade 3. Moderately loud and easily heard murmur that is localized. The vet started talking about ekg's etc if it doesn't go away.

Heart Murmurs In Dogs I Love Veterinary in 2020 Heart
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When the cause is genetic there is usually one in the litter and it is much more serious. A heart murmur is an abnormal sound indicating turbulence in the flow of blood. It is very common for young puppies, especially large breed puppies, to develop an innocent heart murmur while they are growing rapidly.

This may indicate that congenital (present at birth) heart disease is present.

It is a mild heart murmur that usually happens to younger puppies especially if they are large breeds. It’s common for some young puppies to develop heart murmurs that usually disappear on their own after a few months. Most murmurs which are related to the mechanics of blood circulation are at least grade iii; Sometimes they come and go, and your vet may hear a murmur on one visit but not the next.